Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ojo Caliente

Nikki and I drove down to New Mexico this past weekend to spend Memorial Day relaxing in hot springs. We really liked the resort. It was quaint and very enjoyable. Our time was spent between soaking in the hot springs, getting massages, reading by the fireplace and eating at their restaurant. They have 4 different kinds of hot springs: iron, arsenic, soda, and lithium. Unfortunately, since it was a holiday weekend, the pools were a little more populated than we would've liked.

On Sunday evening, we both got massages that we really liked and rented a private pool for afterwards. The private pool was great. The arsenic mineral water was nice and toasty and they have a wood-fired kiva fireplace out there. Unfortunately, about 10 minutes into our 50-minute time, lightning and thunder descended upon us and we had to leave the pool (and get refunded). That was a bummer because we were really enjoying the private pool. No worries though. We headed back to our cottage and started up our own fire.

The restaurant on-site was really nice, too. I got mexican food for each meal and they didn't disappoint, living up to New Mexico's reputation for serving good and spicy mexican food. I think the green chilies were a bit much for Nikki at times, but she really liked the meals she got, too. Her french toast on Monday morning was super rica!

Here's a shot of the back of our cottage
The back of our cottage in Ojo Caliente